Obtaining relevant information is perceived as one of the most important advantages of the AHR CR membership. You need not waste your time seeking out all the information - we will do that for you.

The main mission of the AHR CR is to lobby and promote the interests of entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. However, we must be supported by a large number of represented entities in order to promote opinions. Therefore, we pay great attention to creating benefits exclusively for those who are members of the AHR CR.

WE CAN SAY COMPLICATED THINGS VERY CLEARLY. We inform you ahead of time of any legislative measures, public decrees and regulations in the pipeline that may affect your business. AHR CR has over 1,560 members. 2/3 of the members do not have time to actively participate, even though they are our members to get up-to-date information, save time and money. What topics are you interested in?

LOCAL CHARGES ACT – changing regime and structure of the local fees, enforcement of the harmonisation of the charges along with passing the payment obligation on to the guests

COPYRIGHT ACT – we arrange for the administrative work associated with the OSA and INTERGRAM fees and achieve as much as a total of 40% reduction in price off the pricelist rates, 20% discount for devices in public areas

PSD2 DIRECTION - together with the HOTREC European Confederation we asked for a transitional period, also we organized a worshop for our members

SHARED ACCOMMODATION - Objective: the same business conditions for collective accommodation establishments as well as for private accommodation establishments

PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION – methodology for the members and templates of measures required by the ÚOOÚ (The Office for Personal Data Protection) free of charge

PACKAGE TRAVEL DIRECTIVE – a recommendation material for our members regarding the packages of services offered by hotels

EXCHANGE ACTIVITY - a system of internal principles for our members, which must be prepared by anyone who carries out currency exchange activity

ONLINE DISTRIBUTION AND PARITY OF THE PRICES – OTAs, parity of the prices and products, communication with the Office for the Protection of Competition - violations of the competition, monitoring of the EU-level legal pursuits

AUTHORIZATION OF PAYMENT CARD BILLING - created recommended material to prove eligibility of pre-authorizations, no show billing, cancellations to minimize complaints from the guests

ELECTRONIC REVENUE POSTING ACT – conditions and specifics, the template of internal rules for emloyees at ERPA is available

LABOR MARKET - a requirement for the government to open up the labor market to non-EU countries + simplify the issuing of work permits

CONSUMER PROTECTION - mandatory publication of information about The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA - ČOI) towards the guests

EDUCATION - besides our Academy where you can educate your employees (more at www.akademieahr.cz) we are engaged in gradual improvement of vocational education and training of apprentices and students of vocational schools

OTHER TOPICS: registration of foreigners, alcohol and tobacco, meal voucher systems, acrylamides, food waste, plastics in the hospitality industry, tap water, etc.

That's not all, the other benefits are below


WE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS OF OUR MEMBERS, if necessary with the support of a law office. We share the experience of our colleagues.

We offer METHODICAL SUPPORT to our membersin A NUMBER OF AREAS. We develop templates of guidelines which are ready for instantaneous use. These concern the operational, accommodation and organizational rules. Templates of personal data protection measures required by ÚOOÚ (The Office for Personal Data Protection), hotel packages, the template of internal rules for emloyees at ERPA, a system of internal principles regarding exchange activity, alcohol sale methodology, allergens information, registration cards, mandatory publication of information about The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA - ČOI) towards the guests and more. We organize seminars on topical issues.

HOT LINE for the AHR members free of charge – inquiries from the members addressing the requirements of the state inspection authorities + optionally a package of services that will at various levels help address the accumulating and ever-changing duties in the area of hygiene, food safety, life safety, fire safety, pest control and disinfection, sanitation, etc.

FLASH AUDIT - inspection of operations with consultancy; we will advise on the purchase of electricity.

Exclusively for our members, we ensure COMPLEX MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION OF COPYRIGHT FEES and facilitate savings with OSA and INTERGRAM, which we can express in explicit numbers for you. Savings of up to 40% from the copyright managers´ standard rates, online administration of the associated agenda. You will mutually support each other, because the more there is of us, the less you pay.

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We offer a lot in the STAFF TRAINING AREA,ranging from guest service, communications skills, active selling techniques on to training events for the middle and top managers. There is a new concept in place of the AHR CR ACADEMY now, which builds on the years of its tradition. Some training courses are available on a custom-made basis and provided at exclusive member rates. See more at www.akademiahr.cz

We offer HOTELSTARS – the EU-level classification system. Our members will benefit from a special discount if they have their accommodation facilities classified according to the Official Standard Classification of Accommodation Facilities in the Czech Republic - for more information please visit www.hotelstars.cz 

THE NIGHT OF THE HOTELS - CSR project goal to thank Praguers tolerance for tourism and raise awareness of its benefits for the development of towns and villages, more information: www.nochotelu.cz 

Are you a small accommodation facility and do you want to compete and get relevant reviews of your guests? Join the BOARDING HOUSE OF THE YEAR.

If you like numbers, we offer a number of regular REPORTS, STUDIES AND ANALYZES. Our members and partners want to share their offers and demands among themselves. This is also possible. Currently and online.

WE SUPPORT AND PROMOTE all our members at trade fairs, shows and culinary events, via online channels, on Facebook, at websites of the destination companies and at information centres.

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We think of your employees - we have a program of traveling around the Czech Republic at employee prices between member facilities - TRAVELLING WITH THE AHR (www.czechadvisor.cz).

We are founders of the AHR CR FOUNDATION, in which hoteliers support children from children´s homes during their studies in our industry (www.nadaceahr.cz).

We RECOGNISE THE BEST ONES every year in several categories - from young managers to experienced hoteliers. From large companies to small restaurants and guesthouses. You can join www.cenyahr.cz. Membership is an opportunity to meet new colleagues and to meet with existing ones.


We are here for you at any time by e-mail, phone and chat. You have exclusive access to the intranet to the current materials. All information is shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and blog. You are included in our database for information mailing, we send media monitoring, newsletter AHR CR and newsletter of our partners. Every two months you can find the AHR Forum magazine in your mailbox. You can meet us at events, roadshows, golf tournament or at the annual conference. In order to be closer to you, we meet regularly at meetings of regional sections in the regions.


Become a Member of The Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants

Do you want to save up on the OSA and Intergram copyright fees? Do you want your accommodation and catering facility to play in the first league? Do you want to have a possibility to comment on the legislative measures affecting your business? Do you need to attract more clients or make your facility more visible? Do you refuse to waste your time by looking up all the emerging regulations and laws? Do you wish to gain new inspiration and experience from your colleagues?