FAQs - Government Resolution on March 16, 2020

Napsal/a Lucie Fialová | 03.16.2020
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Dear colleagues,

Let us hereby inform you of the just released Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic. Attached you will find the full document in its most up-to-date wording as received from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The Resolution preserves in effect, under the previous regime (of 14 March 2020), the ban on the presence of the public in food service establishments, with the exception of off-premises sales. Restaurants can thus either continue to operate in this mode, or their operators may decide to close them up.

The Resolution further specifies the exemption for spa facilities – i.e. those where only spa services covered at least in part by public health insurance are provided (these facilities will operate without further restrictions).

The Resolution newly prohibits the sale of accommodation services from 6:00 am on March 16, 2020. In practical terms, this means that hotels and boarding houses do not have to close down, but they are not allowed to sell accommodations for the period from 16 to 24 March. The already accommodated guests  or those who made the booking before the Resolution, can thus go on with their stays. – please see attached the FAQ, answers received from MPO:  FAQs

Given this situation, it is up to you now to decide whether to close down the operation of your accommodation facility anytime from Monday 16.3. onwards, or to preserve it under the partial operation regime. We are currently looking into the possibilities that the employer has in relation to his/her employees and we will inform you accordingly.

We have received repeated inquiries as to whether the operator has any obligation to report to the Trade Licensing Office if the accommodation facility is closing down. In this regard, we inform you as follows:

Provision of Section 17 par. 9 of the Trade Licensing Act

If an establishment referred to in paragraph 8 is closing down, the entrepreneur shall, unless there are serious reasons preventing him/her from doing so, mark in advance the beginning and the end of the closure in a suitable and visible place, with the exception of mobile establishments and vending machines.

The entrepreneur is not obliged to notify either the Trade Licensing or the Tax Office of the temporary closure of his/her establishment. Serious reasons include, for example, a sudden illness or accident or any other unexpected event that would prevent the entrepreneur from properly marking the closure of his/her establishment.

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